A Legitimate Business

Once upon a time I sat upon a bench in the Charles Square park with the noble Mestek.

Mestek, the proprietor of a flea circus, was in a very despondent mood because he had come to the realization that fleas were no longer suited for the purpose of training. A catastrophe had recently befallen his flea circus. Some drunken fellow, driven by the crazed conviction that the whole thing was a sham, had entered his booth and…

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Christmas Eve at the Orphanage

On Christmas Day, the orphan boy Pazourek found himself locked in a pantry, in which two sacks of flour were stored and—as Pazourek noticed to his delight—numerous sacks of prunes besides.

This discovery ameliorated Pazourek’s desperate situation—so much so that he could nearly have said a prayer of thanksgiving on account of these dried plums, had he not found himself in a circumstance that, instead, inspired blasphemy.

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The Rescue Mission

It was not at all so long ago that the controversy erupted between Galicia and Hungary over Morskie Oko. Actually it was more about the ferry which floated upon this lake, from which tourists threw stones into the greenish water because it served no more sensible a purpose. One day a great storm came and unfastened the ferry from its anchor…


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The Hardships of a Life of Letters

Today writers of literature have it far better than before the First World War. If a postwar writer works hard and knows how to budget, then sufficient funds remain to cover one’s requirements of flour, bread, sugar, and tobacco; it even suffices for a trip to the theater each month. If one is no opponent of alcohol and prizes a glass of wine or even rum, nowadays one at least has the possibility of running a tab for these enjoyments, as even in this respect conditions have improved.

Hasek Lada

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